Helping a new digital media network start from scratch

The Challenge

In 2012, ABC and Univision announced they were launching a joint venture to target America’s fastest growing demographic cohorts—millennials and English-speaking Latinos. It all made sense on paper: 1 in 5 millennials are Latino and millennials will constitute 40 percent of the electorate by 2020. But a key question remained: how do we get them to tune in?


Our Work

In early 2013, Precision signed on with Fusion to offer a full complement of services on every aspect of the network’s operations in preparation for its October 2013 launch. When we joined Fusion’s team, we worked with Fusion’s leadership to develop a strategic plan for their launch, craft the brand’s overall messaging, identify core audiences—including opinion makers, reviewers, millennials and Hispanics—and build strategies for how to communicate with them, outline a digital strategy that worked to attract and engage viewers, and identify the most successful organizational processes to move the network forward.

Prior to launch, we conducted media training and devised individual branding strategies for the network’s leadership and talent. We also advised  senior leadership on program development, highlighting what was working—and perhaps more importantly, what wasn’t. As Fusion moved closer to launch, we worked closely with the team to identify key outlets and reporters to generate earned media that would amplify Fusion’s targeted messaging to  its core audiences. We also worked with them to generate placements that highlighted their key narrative in the nation’s largest outlets, including  the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.

Meanwhile, our digital team worked with Fusion to design their digital strategy—planning and executing their paid media campaigns, developing online content, and outlining best practices for video and social media.


The Bottom Line

Our team continues to advise Fusion’s long-term communications and digital strategy, navigating key milestones such as messaging around upfronts (a key event to meet with advertisers) and distribution negotiations with cable providers. We also continue to work with Fusion on developing new content partnerships and major branding events, as well as playing a key role in developing and implementing the network’s marketing campaigns—both broadly and around specific events. For Fusion, we’ve been a partner every step of the way and have proven—through the network’s launch, successful World Cup coverage, and the network’s ongoing expansion and development—how much can be accomplished when the right people, strategies and messages come together.