IBM Policy Lab

Positioning IBM as a Policy Thought Leader at Davos and Beyond

In a rapidly changing world where innovation is outpacing regulation, IBM recognized the need for actionable, responsible, and forward-looking leadership in the tech industry.


As a leader in tech for more than a century, IBM decided to make a business-wide commitment to tackle pressing public policy issues. To do this, they formed the IBM Policy Lab, a new forum that provides policymakers with actionable recommendations to harness the benefits of innovation while ensuring trust in a world reshaped by data. Precision helped develop and launch the IBM Policy Lab to position the company as a leader and advocate for policy actions to strengthen trust in technology as a force for good in the world.


To set the IBM Policy Lab apart from similar initiatives, Precision developed a brand and messaging that conveyed key differentiators: the IBM Policy Lab thinks big but develops concrete guidance; makes specific and actionable recommendations; convenes government, industry, and civil society experts; and welcomes collaboration. We then crafted the strategy and tactics to ensure amplification among the world’s top thought leaders, government officials, and media at Davos and beyond. Together, we orchestrated a highly-visible launch during Davos where we communicated the Lab’s core value proposition to one of the world’s most influential audiences through a CNN-moderated panel as well as a standing-room only influencer event. We also created from scratch the Lab’s visual identity, newsletter program, and website, and generated buzz about the platform through digital and earned and paid media execution.


We successfully broke through the crowded media environment surrounding Davos and positioned the IBM Policy Lab as a leading voice in tech policy. We earned coverage of its initial recommendations on the Precision Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in top-tier outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Politico and secured an exclusive story in Bloomberg. Our initial launch tweet garnered 32,000+ impressions and our newsletter average open rate was 49.6%, compared to an industry average of 33.6%. The launch resulted in follow-up engagement from prominent influencers in the tech policy arena.

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