Legendary Entertainment

Building an Engaged and Loyal Fan Base

Legendary Entertainment wanted to convert fans of its movies into fans of the studio itself, creating a loyal following.


Some of the top comedy, drama, and blockbuster hits in recent history — such as The Hangover, Inception, and 300 — have all been produced by Legendary Entertainment. With excitement building around three major upcoming releases — Godzilla, Man of Steel, and Pacific Rim — Precision was brought on to help design a mobilization strategy that would turn fans of these Legendary films into fans of the studio that created them.


To develop a community of people passionate about Legendary, we needed to highlight it as the producing studio of these highly anticipated films while drawing people to the box office. Our integrated approach incorporated both on- and offline strategies geared toward recruiting fans and activating loyalists. We created new digital content delivery models and executed individual content strategies for each film. We led creative and website development, social media and email management, and paid media spends that all highlighted Legendary as the producer. For the launch of the film Godzilla, we also developed an immersive exhibit at Comic Con where all 10,000 tickets were sold out.


During our partnership, Legendary’s email list and Twitter page doubled in subscribers and their Facebook page saw more than 50% growth. Our efforts also helped Godzilla, Man of Steel, and Pacific Rim gross a total of over $593 million domestically and billions internationally. The strength of Legendary’s relationship with moviegoers is only growing thanks to the lasting impact of our partnership, elevating and showcasing the people who matter most: their fans.

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