Striking the Right Headline

Precision supported SAG-AFTRA during their historic strike in 2023, creating a positive narrative until a new labor agreement was reached.


In June 2023, negotiations began for SAG-AFTRA’s TV/theatrical contract. When the existing contract concluded and a new one had not been reached, the union’s membership began a strike that ultimately lasted 118 days.

This strike delayed beloved scripted TV shows, postponed awards shows, and held stars back from promotional tours – all having a negative impact on the average entertainment viewer. It would have been easy for the narrative to slip away from SAG-AFTRA to become about wealthy actors picketing for more money. Instead, SAG-AFTRA was able to keep a disciplined message about the seismic changes impacting the industry – from streaming to AI generated content and more – and the need to fairly compensate and protect their members amidst that evolving landscape.


Week over week, Precision worked with reporters to tell a unified story of the importance of this strike and the long-term, positive impact it will have on Hollywood

Alongside SAG-AFTRA, we fought against negative storylines with facts such as revenue loss to actors. They also built and mobilized their base on social media and the picket lines. Actors and those that supported them showed up – with good content and a sustained presence – which demonstrated strength and unity. Throughout the strike, and with disciplined messaging, good facts and mobilized supporters, they never wavered, forcing strategy shifts from those on the other side of the table and winning headline after headline.


The strike not only captured the attention of the entertainment industry but also became a global news moment.

On November 9th, an agreement was reached and in early December it was approved by SAG-AFTRA members. Hollywood resumed business as usual, but this time with a fair contract for everyone.