Our country was a different place in 2013. Only one Avengers movie had been released, short-form video app Vine had just launched that January and the second Obama administration was just beginning.

In the intervening years — obviously — a lot has changed. Vine is no more, but video content is bigger than ever, approximately 900 more Avengers movies have been released in the intervening years, and, finally, our nation is under a new presidential administration that has drastically changed our social, political, and media landscape.

Precision has also gone through significant changes since our inception in 2013. Founded by the leadership of the Obama 2012 campaign, we proudly touted our expertise on having built the “Obama playbook.” When Precision first started, we took the lessons we learned from the Obama campaign and applied them to the work we did with our clients. It was effective, and many of those strategies and principles still hold true today.

Since 2013, the landscape has changed. We’re no longer just working from the Obama playbook. Over the last five years, we’ve created a new guide: the Precision playbook.

The tools and strategies we use to serve our clients have changed and evolved as our firm has grown, both in the work we do and who we do it with. What began as a group of three people has since transformed into a team of over fifty staffers, working on a wide range of clients on a number of issues, campaigns, and causes. To name just a few: We transformed how Gilead distributes life-saving drugs to communities of color and others in need, we reinvented how GE communicates with its retail investors, suppliers, employees, and fans, and we helped re-elect Justin Trudeau (with the selfies to prove it).

We’re so excited to see what the future holds over the next five years and beyond — and we hope you’ll come with us as we move forward.

Here’s to many more years of Precision!