With an ever-changing landscape, platforms like Facebook and Snapchat are iterating in real time, looking for ways to improve their products, maintain (or rebuild) trust with their users, and make necessary changes and corrections to stay relevant in a crazily competitive environment. The changes they make means organizations need to change how they get the most out of the platforms.

Snapchat recently announced significant changes, most notably separating content posted by your friends from the brand-generated media content. This will help people better differentiate between the two, improve the user experience, and provide a cleaner interface. With people, especially millennials, using digital tools in more of their lives, it’s an interesting shift that we’re helping organizations and brands think through.

Facebook is adding a feature to all pages so that users can see if they were a part of the target audience for previous ads. Twitter is also trying to give people a better understanding of what’s showing up in their feed by creating a transparency center that will list all currently-running ads on Twitter, how long the advertisements have been running, and whether or not users are part of a target audience as well. We’ve seen it’s actually better for brands in the long run to be as transparent as possible with what they’re advertising. Digital users understand that ads are part of the deal and appreciate transparency in the process.

We’re working with our clients to help understand and optimize for these new rules that are changing the equation for organizations.