Not a day goes by without hearing about leaked news. Whether you’re at a company or at the highest levels of government, like the White House, knowing how to contain the leaks is paramount.  But what’s more important is understanding why people are leaking in the first place.

Though it is almost impossible to exact message discipline, and your employees should be free to speak their minds, maintaining collegiality among your team is key.  Inclusive leadership and providing ways for employees to voice opinions can go a long way so that distractions won’t get in the way of your end goals.

Your organization’s external brand should match its internal brand — it won’t sit well with your team if internal policies undermine your external brand to customers, employees, or partners.  This shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing-it’s a reminder that what happens within the walls of your organization is just as important–if not more so–than how you’re framing your work for the outside world.

Your employees should feel involved in every policy and practice from the top down. We’ve helped companies implement internal communications plans with employees to great effect and have developed best practices in this area.  In the age of social media, happy, empowered employees who are treated with respect are your strongest advocates and allies.  Turn them into ambassadors of your company or organization, and their voices will amplify what you’re trying to achieve.