Outdoor retailer Patagonia is a case study in a business taking strong stands on issues they care about. Last week, the company filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration over its effort to shrink national monuments. Increasingly, people don’t just want a great product from a company, but also for that company to demonstrate good values that align with their consumer — and to speak up for those values.

Patagonia’s stance was high profile – with a huge, striking home page takeover on patagonia.com, and a stark and unambiguous message: “The President Stole Your Land.” The company’s willingness to take a stand isn’t the main thing of note — it is their willingness to be so tough in their language and in their tactics that got people to take notice.

By understanding their customer base, Patagonia knows what issues will resonate and build brand loyalty, and as a result they’re not afraid to use their voice. That’s something we help companies do as part of our corporate reputation work, and Patagonia’s actions are yet another example for organizations that people are looking to understand a company beyond the products and services they offer.