1776computerPrecision Strategies, a communications, digital and data strategy firm, and 1776, a global incubator and seed fund, announced today a partnership to advise and launch the most promising startups around the world. The partnership will give 1776 member companies access to Precision’s unparalleled data driven messaging and marketing expertise, while giving Precision a front-row seat to the startups looking to disrupt some of the biggest bureaucracies and industries.

Based in Washington and New York, Precision will help 1776 startups develop competitive positioning strategies and identify methods for new digital, media and targeting tools to reach consumers.

“Precision Strategies has advised and launched startups and helped them succeed at the next level, and their guidance and support will be invaluable to 1776’s member startups as they prepare to launch and scale,” said 1776 co-founder Donna Harris. “Our partnership with Precision will allow us to ensure these startups have more than just a great idea that can impact millions of lives, but also that they’re telling their own stories in a way that is strategic and effective—key components to expanding their companies and ensuring long-term success.”

1776, headquartered in Washington, specializes in investing in and mentoring startups around the world that are disrupting the most broken, entrenched industries and sectors that impact millions of lives every day—specifically education, energy and sustainability, health, transportation and cities.

“1776 is a global leader in identifying startups that are changing the world and solving our most challenging problems,” said Stephanie Cutter, partner at Precision. “At a time when it’s increasingly difficult for government to solve urgent challenges and big companies to pivot to new and better ideas, we’re excited to partner with 1776 to bring these startups to life.”

Precision Strategies, a communications, digital and data firm founded by Cutter, Teddy Goff and Jen O’Malley Dillon, provides strategic advice and implementation plans to help companies come to market and achieve long-term sustainability and success.

From developing brand, messaging and digital strategy for the launch of a new multi-platform media company for millennials; guiding a popular international messaging app through its American launch; strategizing and executing the public launch for a digitized tailoring app; and providing long-term strategic guidance for a major augmented reality startup, Precision has the expertise and experience to help startups take their companies to the next level.

Over the course of the partnership, 1776 and Precision will work closely with 1776 member companies to develop branding and messaging strategies, conduct media trainings and pitch coaching, as well as provide critical mentorship and guidance as the most promising companies prepare to reach out to investors, regulators and existing institutions to cut red tape and make a difference.

Precision also works with 1776 to expand the incubator’s reach throughout the world, guiding its global communications and digital efforts around Challenge Cup and other key initiatives, as well as providing overall strategic guidance.

ABOUT 1776

1776 is a global incubator and seed fund that believes that startups can change the world and is building the global platform to provide them with the intellectual, social and financial capital to make that a reality.  Unlike any other startup incubator in the world, 1776 is focused exclusively on driving startups that disrupt the most broken, entrenched sectors that impact millions of lives every day—education, energy and sustainability, health, transportation and cities.

Some of 1776’s most successful startups include HandUp, which leverages the power of the Internet to match specific online donors to homeless individuals in need, and ID.me, a veteran-owned startup that created a state-of-the-art digital authentication program now used by the VA to identify and track veterans eligible for benefits.

Proving that good ideas aren’t exclusive to Silicon Valley, 1776 has forged partnerships with leading startup incubators in the world’s densest startup communities—known as the Startup Federation—and are using those relationships to connect startups with capital, mentorship and institutional partners wherever they exist. To highlight the importance of these global connections, 1776 hosts an annual competition called the Challenge Cup, engaging Startup Federation partners in 16 cities across the world, to identify the most promising new startups and connect them with the information, mentors and resources they need to succeed—regardless of their geographic location.

1776 was founded in January 2013 by Donna Harris, a serial entrepreneur and former Managing Director of the Startup America Partnership, and Evan Burfield, founder of netDecide, a provider of enterprise wealth management solutions, and the consulting firm Synteractive. Together, they bring the 1776 community their expertise at the intersection of innovation and regulated industries, their experience as startup founders and investors, and the insights critical for startups to thrive in this environment.


PRECISION STRATEGIES is a communications, digital and data strategy firm based in Washington and New York. Co-founded by Stephanie Cutter, Jen O’Malley Dillon, and Teddy Goff—key architects of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign—PRECISION is a team of problem-solving partners.

In the 2012 presidential campaign, Cutter, Dillon and Goff pioneered the politics of precision—building and leading an unprecedented campaign to understand, reach, and connect with more Americans than ever before.

In building and managing a $1.2 billion start-up, the Obama campaign defied conventional wisdom by creating new data-driven tools and technology to reach the right audiences with the right messages, then move them to action.

Today, PRECISION uses that same approach, specializing in helping companies, causes, and campaigns devise precisely the right game plan for success.  PRECISION helps clients analyze and understand their audiences, articulate and amplify messages, and make technology an ally, not an obstacle.