No matter your organization’s goal — to inspire supporters, connect with consumers, or build momentum for a cause — video is key to reach your target audience.

From social media to website content to paid advertisements, videos perform well on all platforms and are easier to remember than text-based content. Adults now spend nearly six hours per day watching videos, and those aged 18-34 spend 43% of their time consuming media on digital platforms. And as any social guru or aspiring influencer will tell you, video-based social content earns far more engagement than text-only posts. (Have you skipped ahead to the video below yet?)

But with all that’s being consumed, it’s not enough to just create a video and hope it will connect with your intended audience. Online platforms are already crowded, and by 2021, it’s predicted that 80% of all consumer internet traffic will stem from video. Breaking through that noise requires skilled visual storytelling that will capture your audience and inspire them to take action.

At Precision, we’ve been doing just that from the start, weaving video into everything we do to create impactful content for our clients.

Through the power of video, we helped the Parkland student activists turn the March For Our Lives from a moment into a movement. We helped a bio-tech company give back and save lives across Appalachia. We helped elect the country’s first openly gay male governor. And we helped a major bank promote projects that drive the green economy.

Below are some highlights of how we told those stories and more.

To continue telling our client stories, we’ve grown our video team and offerings. Led by Executive Producer Aaron Cahan, who has produced everything from political to consumer advertising to advocacy videos, Precision’s video team provides full-service, high-end video production services from the early concept stage all the way to the final edit.

Our offerings include:

  • Creative Direction and Strategy
  • Live Action Production
  • Animation and Graphics
  • Paid Media and Native Distribution
  • Consulting and Audits

If you’d like Precision to help you integrate video into your communications strategy, shoot us an email here.