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It’s Good To Talk

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Thanks to the eclipse this week, we saw a brief pause to an otherwise tumultuous political year. The fact of the matter is that on a daily basis, corporations, institutions, and leaders are facing decisions on how to navigate complex and divisive situations in ways we have never seen. Many organizations are being forced to confront a new reality: keeping your head down and staying out of politics isn’t always advisable or even possible in the Trump era.

Whatever your political viewpoint — even if your organization doesn’t have one — it’s essential to stay plugged inMonitoring the situation is key. Articulating your values when you think it’s important, as opposed to only making your point of view known when asked, will help demonstrate that your position is authentic.

Two brands that have tackled the current environment head on, building their credibility by speaking up about their values, are Heineken and Hyatt. Heineken’s “World’s Apart” ad is a must watch attempt to bring people of different political worlds together, while Hyatt’s campaign around inclusion went ahead not despite, but because of the events of last week in Charlottesville. The company’s CMO’s comments are worth reading.

In the digital age, information is moving faster than ever. Your supporters, customers, or audience can learn information in record time, and on the flip side, exert pressures in new ways.

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