Meet Arrow

Arrow is where data science provides clear direction. Our proprietary software starts with clean data, applies the latest analytical techniques, then outputs insightful research, detailed reports, eye-catching visualizations and powerful dashboards that point you exactly where you need to go.

Translating Data Into Guidance

Arrow is a sophisticated, data-rich engine that translates data into guidance. This takes two forms: your customized dashboard and our tools.

Your Arrow dashboard is an integrated analytics platform that measures your program’s impact and performance in real-time to give you the knowledge to tighten, troubleshoot, and optimize — both online and off. You’re able to see your campaign performance, influencer engagement, email program metrics, and social media conversation at a glance. 

Our Arrow tools merge computer science, math, and human analysis to provide actionable insights for your dashboard and reports. They also ensure that all of Precision’s strategies, campaigns, and communications are data-led by unlocking analytics for our entire organization.

The combination of Precision-directed research with client dashboards provides a comprehensive, fully customized analysis encompassing all touchstones of your marketing program or campaign, filtered into one integrated insight panel, backed by explanatory reports and measurement. Our software and solutions offer a virtual command center that places you at the wheel to direct targeted engagement with extraordinary accuracy, transparent measurement, and arrow-like precision.


Precision cleans up your data and simplifies your reporting. Arrow centralizes program data into one custom-built dashboard where it’s absorbed, studied, and interpreted to generate directional insight. We integrate data from website analytics, online advertising, influencers, surveys, modeling exercises, social media, email metrics, and more – just tell us what you need to see.


Our algorithms, math, and statistics generate useful intelligence from your data, including overall brand health scores and ratings on your project’s performance relative to your goals. With Arrow, you can dig deeper to pinpoint what’s working and identify opportunities to further optimize and modify programs to drive success. Precision’s analysts use Arrow for data management and processing, providing custom audience insights reports, influencer lists, predictive forecasts, and much more.


Armed with actionable insights, users are handed the controls to refine and tailor programs to strengthen performance and maximize impact on the basis of a comprehensive dataset. Whether looking at an Arrow report or a custom dashboard, you’ll have the tools to take you where you want to go.

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