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The Future of the Internet and Politics

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Yesterday, Precision founding partner Teddy Goff joined Emily Ekins from the CATO Institute and Molly Wood from Marketplace at Collision in New Orleans to discuss whether the internet is a destabilizing force in our politics.

“The internet is giving ordinary people the chance to speak up and be heard,” Teddy said.

But just as the internet has enabled people like LGBTQ activists and Black Lives Matter groups to organize and help shape policy, other people have used the internet to organize around ideologies like white nationalism that have no place in a healthy public dialogue. And while “no elite has the right to tell people what they should think, some things are just facts,” and some ideas don’t deserve wide distribution.

For the future of the internet and politics, Teddy said that for one, “we’re going to have to get used to a world with a plurality of views,” including ones we wish could stay far away from the mainstream. But he advised that we should all strive to be “better educated, more media literate,” and to do a better job propagating positive values and evidence-based views to drown out corrosive and fact-free speech.

Watch the full video on’s Facebook page (starts at 2:22:05)

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