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At Precision, we bring data to life, giving you actionable insights – not complex spreadsheets that leave you asking, "What does this mean and what do I do now?"

We turn data into insights and recommendations to help you make better decisions on the path to success. Our range of analytics capabilities is our key differentiator; we’re experts in digital analytics, earned media measurement, political-style modeling and targeting, and opinion research. We partner with you beginning-to-end on campaigns, creating custom measurement frameworks to precisely evaluate and evolve tactics and strategy, and effectively identify and reach your audience. Our dashboards bring your marketing mix to life and help you make sense of signals in the noise. And our agile analytics approach allows us to provide rapid perspective and context during a crisis. Our team, with deep experience in both researching and executing campaigns, translates your data to guide your decisions.

Without the right data standards and infrastructure, the best message, strategy and creative in the world won’t make your campaign succeed. We’ll help you clean up your existing data, gather more to enrich it, integrate it all into one place, and build a 360-degree view of your customers and targets. Then we’ll use that view to improve your campaign and help you reach your goals.

Social media has gifted us with the most comprehensive representation of human opinion in history. From tracking and alerting you to the appearance of your logo across channels, to graphing the relationships between the millions of people who care about your cause, our social listening solutions can help you understand your audience — generating strategic insights that we will use to formulate the best possible plan of action to reach them.

You can’t afford to reach the wrong people with the wrong message in advertising, marketing, and organizing programs.  We can help you identify the right targets by building modeled target universes, researching audience affinities, performing segmentation analysis and graphing, deciding which geographic and commercial markets to operate in, which platforms and channels to advertise on, and when, where, and how to reach your audience. Then we upload these universes to ad platforms with tracking and measurement so that you always know whether your strategy is working and how to improve performance.

We’ve all seen campaign reports that flaunt vanity metrics but don’t tell you how your program is performing. We dig deep into the data and merging datasets to tell you what’s really going on, what’s working and what isn’t, and what you need to do to continue to grow. Looking back at benchmarks and forward to KPIs, our analytics and visualization team makes sure that everyone from data geeks to busy executives can quickly understand results and act accordingly.

Testing is both an art and a science, requiring inspired creative teams to produce great ideas and talented analysts to run experiments, generate insights, and optimize programs. Using decision science and statistics, we’ll develop a creative compass for your unique audience and plot how to create materials that over-perform. We develop testing plans for all of our campaigns and adjust in real time based on what is working.

Precision employs data scientists, linguists, statisticians, digital analysts, machine learning experts, graph and data visualizers, and artificial intelligence to solve problems of all sizes for our clients. If you have a unique communications, marketing, data or analytics problem to solve, our team of industry-leading analytics experts can help you find a solution. Learn more.

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