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Meta Threads: Everything you need to know

By Precision Strategies

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What’s what and who’s who on Meta’s newest platform.

TL;DR: Threads has had the fastest rise of any social platform in memory — and understandably so, given its high-profile Meta-backed launch, its integration with Instagram, and the obvious opening in the marketplace as Twitter has continued to repel users and advertisers. The social media landscape is unpredictable, and it’s altogether possible that Threads feels like a distant memory a year from now, but given all of the context, we recommend creating an account as quickly as possible and beginning to build up a following and experiment with content strategies.


Platform Overview

Threads is a new social media app from Meta, designed to capitalize on the ongoing turmoil and attrition at Twitter, with a user interface and experience that are clearly modeled off of Elon Musk’s troubled platform. New social apps tend to launch with great fanfare and often fade away quickly, but thanks to its integration with Instagram and its meteoric growth, within the context of growing backlash against Twitter from consumers and brands, Threads seems to be positioned as a formidable new platform with the potential for real staying power, attracting 30 million new users in its first day.


Similar Features to Twitter

  • Content style: Users can share short text with the option for links, photos, and videos. Videos can be up to five minutes long while Twitter only allows two-and-a-half minutes. Users can follow accounts, like, reply, or repost content, and share content from Threads straight into the Instagram app.
  • Public or private: Users can control who is able to follow them or see their content. Currently, follower count is listed on each profile, however the number of accounts that they follow is not.
  • Engagement: Engagement is measured similarly to Twitter, where all users can see the amount of likes and replies under a post. Repost and “quote tweet” functions carry over.
  • Restrict post mentions: Users can restrict their mentions to accounts they follow or limit mentions entirely — and it is also possible to block certain words from appearing in feed.

Unique Features

  • Keep Instagram followers and username: Threads allows users to log in with their Instagram account. Users can keep the same Instagram username and followers.
  • 500 character limit: Twitter only permits 280 for unverified users.
  • Instagram UI: The Threads user interface closely resembles Instagram, with the same heart, comment, and share icons and similarly organized tabs. It will also follow Instagram community guidelines.
  • Verified users stay verified: Already verified users on Instagram will carry over their verification. Unlike Twitter, there is no verification fee or rate limiting.
  • No monetization: There are no ads or other monetization features at this time.

Upcoming Features

  • Direct messages: Meta is working to integrate a direct message feature similar to the function across other Meta apps.
  • Following feed: Similar to Twitter’s feed pages, Threads is working to roll out a homepage that only shows content from accounts that you follow.
  • Fediverse support: Compatibility with open, interoperable social networks like Mastodon.
  • Hashtags: Unlike Twitter and Instagram, Threads does not support hashtags.

Platform Drawbacks

  • Data privacy: Some have expressed privacy concerns, and the app is not yet available in Europe due to EU’s Digital Markets Act.
  • Mobile only: Threads is only available via the app on mobile devices with no desktop site.
  • Deleting accounts: Users can’t delete their Threads account without deleting their Instagram account.

We will continue to monitor evolving capabilities and keep you apprised of any updates. For more information, please reference Meta’s statement on the app’s release.


Key Players



While the platform’s capabilities, competitive landscape, and overall usage will come into focus in the following weeks, the launch appears to be attracting prominent users and content. Many users have launched their Threads accounts with witty introductory posts or quips about moving from Twitter. Having a unique introductory post will be important to establishing your presence on the platform — though it’s likely that future content can mirror content typically suited for Twitter or what your organization is already sharing to Twitter.

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