Obama 2012

Building a $1 billion startup from scratch in 19 months.

ACLU: Criminal Justice Reform

Creating, launching, and executing a multi-million dollar ballot initiative campaign to reduce Oklahoma’s prison population and invest taxpayer resources in rehabilitation and treatment programs to address the root causes of crime.

Bank of America

Telling the full story of the Bank in uncertain financial and economic times.

The Sacramento Kings

Crafting a strategy to use the story of Golden 1 Center’s historic opening to position the Sacramento Kings as one of the most tech-forward organizations in the NBA.

General Electric

Building and executing a pilot program to build and deepen GE's understanding of existing retail investors and target prospective audiences of likely investors.

The Liberal Party of Canada

Running a data-driven, grassroots-focused, modern campaign for Team Trudeau.

John F. Kennedy Library & Foundation

Helping the JFK Library receive more Profile In Courage Award nominations from the public.