Building a Data-Driven Grassroots Email Program

GE wanted to build a grassroots army for the company, allowing it to communicate directly with priority audiences across the country and mobilize them to take action on critical issues.


As an iconic, century-old company with deep reach into U.S. communities, GE realized it had an enormous opportunity to expand and organize its network across the country. It needed to create a program to communicate directly to its employees, suppliers, retirees, and supporters, and when needed, organize them as brand ambassadors that could advocate for GE on any issue.


Precision built, and currently maintains, an integrated database of audience members to give GE a 360° view of its subscriber base across business units and channels, and created an email program to grow its subscribers across audiences. We regularly survey the audiences to understand what they want to hear from GE, and use the results to strengthen relationships by customizing email communications based on their interests. This deeper level of communication has driven higher engagement rates and moved subscribers through the funnel of engagement: from education to persuasion and mobilization on policy issues that are important to GE.


GE now has a community it can activate when the company needs to get its message out in an unfiltered way. Precision’s work with GE has grown the audiences it can communicate with by tens of thousands, deepened the data it has on each target, and driven thousands of grassroots actions. This work has changed the culture of communication at GE, extending it beyond traditional channels to a more effective, data-driven, and direct approach.

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