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TikTok on the Clock, Will the Party Have to Stop?

By Zach Duffy

Every year, the Pew Research Center releases a report on how Americans are using social media. The latest report, published in January, showed a meteoric rise in TikTok’s usage – reaching 33% of American adults last year, up 12 percentage points from 2021 (21%). For organizations, businesses, and campaigns that want to reach people where […]

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Learning From the Past: 3 Core Principles for Advertising to Black Audiences

By Krishana Davis

Digital advertising is evolving at a rapid pace, with new placements, ad sizes and platforms launching all the time. These advancements allow us to reach very specific audience segments, but don’t tell us how to reach them effectively. Thankfully, we can learn from the past to better understand the present – and there’s no better time […]

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The Four Political Seasons of 2024: Congress’s Bumpy Year Ahead and How to Prepare

By Henry Connelly and Matt Williams

This morning, the 118th Congress returns to Washington with a piled up to-do list and little time left before election season consumes what’s left of the legislative calendar. It will be a daunting year for a fractious Congress torn between hopes of reaching bipartisan agreements on border security and government funding, and the intensifying political […]

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AI’s Transformative Capabilities for Your Business

By Sian Lewis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a futuristic concept – it’s a practical tool reshaping how we operate. By understanding AI’s essential roles and leveraging its unique superpowers, companies of all kinds can unlock growth and innovation. Let’s explore how. The Five Essential Roles of AI in Business AI is versatile and multi-faceted, playing […]

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What the “Laddered CR” Means for 2024

By Henry Connelly and Matt Williams

Breaking Through When Dysfunction Dominates It’s a Washington ritual as reliable as the Christmas tree lighting on the Capitol lawn: the feverish, last-minute negotiations behind the massive end-of-year omnibus bill. Stretching several thousand pages, these omnibus packages not only cover annual funding for the whole government, they routinely serve as the vehicle for a huge […]

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Meta Threads: Everything you need to know

By Precision Strategies

What’s what and who’s who on Meta’s newest platform. TL;DR: Threads has had the fastest rise of any social platform in memory — and understandably so, given its high-profile Meta-backed launch, its integration with Instagram, and the obvious opening in the marketplace as Twitter has continued to repel users and advertisers. The social media landscape […]

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¡Móntate que te quedas! Time to pay attention to Hispanics and Latinos

By Daniel Hernández, Digital Principal at Precision Strategies

With over 62 million people from more than 20 countries and territories, Hispanics represent the largest minority group in the U.S. and are projected to reach 111 million by 2060, comprising nearly 30% of the country’s population.   As marketers continue to dive into the Hispanic market, it’s essential they take into account the importance […]

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What the House GOP’s Speakership battle signals for the next two years

By Henry Connelly

The historic disarray of the opening days of the new House GOP Majority may tempt some to dismiss the prospect of any significant legislative action from the House and Congress over the next two years – but the explosive dynamics on vivid display in the Speakership vote are a stark warning for everyone to prepare […]

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Precision Hires Outgoing Pelosi Communications Director Henry Connelly

As Senior Vice President, Connelly will help clients navigate the political, policy and media landscape to achieve their goals Precision announced today that Henry Connelly, most recently Communications Director for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a twelve-year veteran congressional staffer, is joining the agency as a Senior Vice President in the communications practice. Connelly comes to […]

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Making Sense of the Changes at Twitter

Elon Musk’s purchase of the company is creating unprecedented unpredictability in the social media space, which we’re closely tracking at Precision. Are we witnessing the death of Twitter and what does it mean for the organizations and campaigns who have invested years in building strong Twitter followings? Elon Musk’s purchase of the company is creating […]

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