Making Sense of the Shifting Social Media Landscape: Why LinkedIn Deserves Your Attention

Social media is changing rapidly, and businesses and organizations need to adapt to stay relevant.

X/Twitter presents brand safety risks and Meta now requires opt-ins for political content. But in the middle of it all, LinkedIn remains a reliable and essential platform for building your brand and reaching key audiences. We’ve been putting an increased emphasis on the platform for Precision clients over the last year for a few key reasons:

Global reach with the right following.

With over 900 million users across 200 countries, LinkedIn offers real scale. Its diverse user base spans industries, roles, and expertise levels. On LinkedIn, you can reach both broad and targeted audiences, including policymakers, media, peers, employees, potential hires, and thought leaders — a level of professional reach that Twitter and Facebook struggle to match.

The best of both worlds.

LinkedIn uniquely facilitates individual networking and broad audience building. You can cultivate one-on-one relationships while also using features like LinkedIn’s Creator Mode to grow a following beyond your immediate network. Users come to LinkedIn specifically to learn from business leaders, making it easier to attract engaged followers. Plus, the algorithm prioritizes surfacing relevant educational content to interested users.

A safe, professional space.

LinkedIn’s verified profiles and professional focus create a more brand-safe environment compared to the wild west of X/Twitter and Facebook. That means there’s less risk that your content will appear next to inappropriate posts and far fewer chances of seeing bots and trolls spread misinformation in your LinkedIn feeds. While personality and authenticity are still important on LinkedIn, content typically remains within professional boundaries–which also means that a greater percentage of the engagement on content is meaningful.

Written content works.

Platforms like Facebook and X/Twitter are increasingly prioritizing video content to keep up with video-first platforms like YouTube and TikTok. While video can be a great way to build up a digital audience, the barrier to entry is high. Not everyone wants to put themselves on camera, and professionally developed video is often expensive and time-intensive to produce. LinkedIn is one of the few remaining platforms that continues to be optimized for written content and static images and graphics. This means that if you can write, you can begin to share your thoughts and ideas and gradually build a platform.

Amid social media uncertainty, we advise clients to invest their time and money wisely. LinkedIn’s stability, scale, and professional focus make it a critical channel for reaching your most important audiences. Building a robust organic presence and strategically using LinkedIn’s paid tools should be a top priority.

Navigating this shifting terrain is no easy feat, but with the right approach, businesses and organizations can come out on top. Our team is here to help you make sense of the changes across social media and optimize your strategy. Let’s connect to discuss how we can support you in charting the best path forward.

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