March for Our Lives

Turning a Moment Into a Movement

The student-led March For Our Lives movement harnesses the power of young people to fight for sensible gun violence prevention and save lives.


A school shooting in Parkland, FL captured global attention in 2018. The students who witnessed this tragedy took action by creating March For Our Lives (MFOL), a protest against America’s gun violence epidemic. Capitalizing on the success of that moment, its leaders wanted to build a nationwide youth movement that would keep supporters passionately engaged and force lawmakers to enact real change. MFOL turned to Precision for support on communications, digital infrastructure, and organizing.


We worked with MFOL to help them build out their integrated strategy across workstreams. We executed key tactics including: supporting their 100+ stop tour across America to recruit new members and register tens of thousands of voters; strengthening voter registration efforts by building state-specific email and SMS programs; and helping the students lobby the House of Representatives for new gun violence prevention bills while directing thousands of calls to Congress. Now, we’re helping them develop the strategy for the next chapter of their movement.


MFOL is widely considered one of the largest and most effective youth movements in American history. It has changed the calcified debate on gun violence, helping to make it a top issue for voters and encouraging dozens of companies to cut ties with the NRA. It also helped inspire a record 47% increase in youth turnout at the 2018 midterm elections. Most importantly, 137 (and counting) laws have been passed at both the state level and in the House in favor of gun control.

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