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Precision Hires Naimul Huq, former Head of Analytics & Planning at Lippe Taylor

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Data is a powerful tool for understanding audience behavior and, more than ever, it’s crucial that agencies deliver data-informed campaigns and strategies to help clients achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently.

Precision’s integrated data offering has successfully helped drive and refine client strategy from our start six years ago, and as the agency continues to lead and grow in this area, we’re pleased to welcome award-winning strategist Naimul Huq as our director of data and analytics.

Naimul is a respected agency veteran who has helped clients such as Red Bull, Intel, Pfizer, IBM, Warner Bros., and United Healthcare better execute on analytics, digital strategy, and integrated marketing. His campaign work has been recognized with awards from PRWeek, The Holmes Report, and PRNews. Most recently, Naimul served as senior vice president, head of analytics and planning at Lippe Taylor, overseeing the department and directing a team of data scientists on client projects. There, he developed new data-driven software platforms, including one which helped Pfizer identify physician influencers for communications and event activation, and another which used audience segmentation to help Intel rebuild social strategy using primary stakeholder personas. For consumer brands including Herbalife and, he created machine-learning products to optimize YouTube video design to drive user engagement and detect brand mentions from influencers in Instagram stories.

Before Lippe Taylor, Naimul worked at W2O Group, leading teams throughout the organization including analytics, corporate development, digital strategy, and creative production. He also spent time in the innovation and digital groups at Humana, and recently delivered a TEDx talk highlighting the importance of using data in marketing. At Precision, Naimul will lead the data and analytics team and build out its current capabilities.

“Precision is a data-driven company,” said Precision partner Stephanie Cutter. “In today’s world, companies, organizations, and campaigns are most effective when they are targeting the right consumers, individuals, or voters who they need to educate, persuade, or mobilize. Naimul’s impressive history of helping clients — from healthcare, technology, consumer, and entertainment — understand their analytics needs and implement effective and targeted strategies will significantly enhance our data offering. We’re thrilled Naimul has joined our team of experts.”

“As our new director of data and analytics, Naimul broadens Precision’s ability to provide the best-integrated services and strategic advice to our clients,” said Teddy Goff, partner at Precision. “Naimul is a superstar in the world of agency analytics and we are thrilled to have him here.”

“Precision has developed a robust analytics-based approach to understanding and engaging consumers that most brands are just discovering and adopting for their audiences. Coupling the power of data with rigorous execution born from campaign management, Precision is poised to revolutionize the communications and digital marketing industry,”  said Naimul. “I’m thrilled to further evolve the inspired practice that has been so successful for them to date.”

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