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Election wins we’re celebrating

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With a record number of votes — more than any presidential candidate in history — Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. We’re thrilled to be celebrating this victory with all those who worked hard for it, and we’re particularly proud of our founding partner and friend, Jen O’Malley Dillon, who led the charge as Campaign Manager of Biden for President.

We are honored to have had the chance to support the Biden campaign in a variety of ways. Notably, as Chief Program Executive of the Democratic National Convention, founding partner Stephanie Cutter produced a historic “virtual” convention, which helped introduce Biden to the nation and improve his favorability with critical voters. The Convention was recently included on Vulture’s list of The Best TV of the Year.

In addition to the Convention, we worked with the Democratic National Committee to set up a “war room,” and drive national and battleground state advertising to define key issues in the race.

We also had the opportunity to support multiple candidates and organizations across the country as they worked to ensure victories up and down the ballot.

In one race that will play a key role in the balance of power in the Senate, John Hickenlooper defeated Colorado’s incumbent Republican Senator Cory Gardner. Our founding partner, Teddy Goff, served as a senior adviser on the campaign and our team built an innovative digital persuasion and mobilization strategy. We’re thrilled to have helped Hickenlooper flip that seat.

We were proud to help lead a historic effort with the Service Employees International Union to engage and mobilize infrequent voters of color through earned and paid media, who turned out in record numbers and provided the winning margin for President-elect Biden in states across the country. We also ran successful campaigns on key ballot issues, like achieving 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave in Colorado and securing a $15 minimum wage in Florida.

We helped reach and mobilize the youth vote with March For Our Lives, healthcare-minded voters with Healthcare United, choice-motivated voters with Planned Parenthood, and pro-LGBTQ voters with GLAAD.

And we’re proud to partner with the Brennan Center for Justice — an independent, nonpartisan organization — as they work to uphold the democratic process in this unique election year. We launched a Vote with Confidence campaign in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, and Texas, deploying an aggressive earned and digital media campaign to educate voters and opinion elites about how to safely vote in a pandemic and amidst a relentless misinformation campaign.

As we wait for all of the votes to be counted in additional races, here are some of the other wins we’re proud to have supported:

  • Over the summer, Ritchie Torres won a tough battle in the primary election in NY-15 against a Trump-friendly Democrat who had been expected to win the seat. Now, he’s officially secured victory in the South Bronx, making him the first openly gay Afro-Latinx member of Congress. 
  • Care in Action, the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s political arm, endorsed and drove support for 75 women of color running up and down the ballot. With votes still being counted, they’re already celebrating wins in local races across the country, a win for Congresswoman-elect Nikema Williams in Georgia, and a win for Kamala Harris as our next Vice President. 
  • The Fairness Project (with support from our friend, former colleague, and now consultant Benjy Messner) drove several ballot wins across the country. In Colorado, voters approved 12 weeks of paid family leave for every worker — the first time paid leave has won at the ballot box in history. Voters also rejected the latest of a series of anti-choice initiatives aiming to restrict abortion access at the ballot box. In Montana, voters legalized marijuana by a 3:2 margin — in a state that elected Republicans to every major office at the same time. And, in Nebraska, by an astonishing 5:1 margin, voters approved a cap on the rates payday lenders can charge, helping free families from crushing debt.

Congratulations to these winning campaigns and the teams behind them! 

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