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Introducing Precision Events & Experiential Marketing

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Following the successful development and execution of the widely-praised first-ever virtual national political convention, led by Precision co-founder Stephanie Cutter, Precision has formalized its virtual event production offering. 

More organizations than ever before are hosting virtual events, and — if done right — they present an opportunity to engage a wider audience, create versatile content with a lifespan far longer than the event itself, and ultimately maximize impact. But it takes more than just transferring an in-person agenda to a Zoom call, and Precision’s award-winning team develops effective, custom strategies — from ideation to message development, execution, and measurement — to help clients across industries achieve their desired impact.

“Just as we created an entirely new blueprint for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, our team approaches each virtual event with an eye on advancing your unique goals and messaging in the most effective way possible for your organization,” said Stephanie Cutter. “Whether reimagining an event that is traditionally held in-person or building a new one with the goal of optimizing the benefits of online engagement, our team has the knowledge and experience to bring you success.”

Precision’s communications, digital, tech, and data experts will ensure your virtual event is not just an adequate replacement for an in-person gathering, but that it is a tailored, valuable product. 

Our team can handle every aspect of your virtual event, including:

Concept Development 

Whether you aren’t sure where to start or already have a plan you’d like refined and executed, Precision will work with you to tailor a program and message that fits the platform, breaks through with your target audience, and stands-out among so many other virtual calls, conferences, and events.

  • Landscape Analysis: No one event occurs in a vacuum. Our data team will map the digital discussion around comparable events to learn the topics and themes of discussion, audiences participating, and help identify best practices and opportunities specific to your event type and subject area.
  • Program Design: Especially when events are virtual, there is a premium on maintaining your audience’s attention. We will work with you to develop a program that has the pacing, content variety, and diversity in participants, backdrop, and format to keep your audience engaged.
    • Participant Identification: The influencer analysis and landscape analysis includes assessments like how many conferences someone has spoken at and measurement of which individuals are co-mentioned most often with other conference and event hashtags so you can choose speakers and participants with reach and impact.
  • Message Development: Virtual events allow for a wider variety of creative content, but it can be easy to lose track of a core message when multiple speakers and videos are involved. Utilizing our extensive message development experience we’ll help you craft impactful messaging and then ensure that each individual component of your event helps advance it along the way.
    • Audience Surveys: Messaging should be informed both by what your organization wants to say and by attendees’ interests. We can administer surveys to your member list or target audience, identifying the issues they are most excited to engage with and confirming the trends we discover in the landscape analysis.

Event Execution  

Once the program and messaging is established, Precision is ready to lead every aspect of event execution.

  • Technical Production: We will recommend a hosting platform that best matches your needs or make sure that the program is compatible with your preferred platforms’ capabilities. We provide high-quality in-home production to ensure that participants will have professional grade video no matter where they are located.
    • Event Facilitation: We are well versed across platforms and will take care of all the day-of logistics. From hosting and keeping the program moving on schedule, to organizing break-out rooms and providing behind-the-scenes technical support. 
    • Partnerships: We produce video in-house, as well as partnering with local producers across the country. Our network of producers and technicians open up additional possibilities beyond the traditional conferences.
  • Video Production: Virtual events allow you to incorporate more creative content. Precision offers in-house video production services, including live-action, documentary, and graphic animation.
  • Speechwriting: We can work directly with speakers to craft remarks that are on-message, memorable, impactful, and that fit within the larger context of the event.
  • Media Training: With extensive on-air and off-air media experience, Precision has cultivated a signature approach to helping clients become comfortable, confident, and effective in front of the media and at the podium. We’ve been on all sides of the equation — as messenger, interviewer, and trainer — and have worked with some of the most compelling speakers in the world to help improve message delivery.
  • Talent Relations: We can help you identify and book big name guests and manage those relationships throughout the event planning process to make sure they are bought-in, prepared, and on-message.
  • Event Collateral: Precision will develop and disseminate all of the material you need to accompany your event. This includes everything from invitations and agendas, to discussion guides and reference materials, to post-event audience surveys.
  • Event Promotion: We will make sure that the right audience attends your event. Whether it be through member outreach, direct influencer engagement, or targeted digital promotion, we will build your virtual crowd to have all the right people “in the room.”

Amplification and Distribution 

One benefit of hosting your event virtually is that event attendees are only a small fraction of the audience you are able to reach. We will ensure that the program is designed so that content has a long lifespan and can be shared and viewed widely for days, weeks, months, and years afterwards. 

  • Digital Content Promotion: From owned social media accounts and website development, to email and SMS, to digital advertising and targeting, we will work with you to design and execute a strategy that matches content to your audience to increase your event footprint and amplify your message. Should you want to give your event a longer life online, we can create videos and graphics to release on social after the event has concluded. 
    • We will partner with some of the best website developers in the business, guiding them to create the perfect site for your event.
    • Should your event require a robust strategy for engaging VIPs, we will partner with Greenfly, a premiere mobile app that distributes and sources content within your network of invited validators, used at the DNC and in MLB, the NBA, and more.
  • Media Relations: In today’s fast-shifting landscape, media comes in many different formats and mediums and attracts specific curated audiences. Our media relations team knows the landscape, understands the mediums, has access to research on what works, and has the relationships to build and execute a media strategy to help your event reach the right audiences.
  • Event Branding: Precision can assess the strength of your organizational and event brand, provide a refresh, or start from scratch. Our data, creative, and communications teams survey the landscape, perform a 360 review, and then create a brand identity to define your event and set you apart.
  • Digital Toolkits: We can create a digital toolkit to help attendees engage with and promote your event online. The digital toolkit would include components like social media guidance, cover photos, printable signs, Zoom backgrounds, and more.

Measuring Impact

We don’t just want you to think that your event was a success, we want you to know that it was a success. We use data to show you the measurable impact of your virtual event.

  • Impact Reports: Our data team offers reports on the impact the conference or event had, from the penetration of key messages in earned media to the size and nature of the conversation online during and after the event, benchmarked to previous or comparable events. We can measure the true impact of media coverage that has resulted from your event and help you understand how your organization’s perception has shifted.
  • Attendee Surveys: We can go direct to the source to find out how we did. Precision designs, fields, and analyzes surveys to find out what your attendees took away from the event, what they thought was valuable, and where we can improve in the future.

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