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Rethinking the News

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A modern narrative.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a British organization, presented a new set of ad rules after acknowledging that stricter guidelines are, in fact, needed to protect children from oppressive gender norms. The audit and eventual report explored gender stereotyping across several buckets including “body image, objectification, sexualisation and gender characteristics and roles.”

Food for thoughtSome throwback narratives should be revamped to match modern times, and it’s important to make sure your brand reflects life as it is in 2017.

Meeting your audience where they are.

Last week, NBC launched a twice-daily snapchat show, titled Stay Tuned.

Gadi Schwartz and Savannah Sellers will host three to five minute installments twice a day on weekdays and once-daily on weekends. The show aims to deliver news in a fresh way to young audiences. “We’re making the assumption that [Snapchat viewers] are not necessarily following the news quite as regularly as our viewers do on more traditional platforms but that they are just as interested in and hungry for the information,” says Nick Ascheim, NBC News’ head of digital.

What this means for you: Gone are the days when a few media hits in major publications would reach the majority of households. It’s important to meet your audience where they are, not where you want them to be. At Precision, we are always looking to new platforms to reach customers in fun and creative ways. Plus, we have an office pool going on the first politician to vomit a rainbow.

The 5-6 second rule.

If you want to make it count — make it quick. comScore released a new study that shows ads targeted at millennials reach their peak effectiveness at 5-6 seconds. After that, attention levels off. This finding is sure to make waves, as it represents a sharp break from conventional TV ad wisdom, which puts standard commercials at 30 seconds.

Rethinking how it’s done: The personal device generation consumes media in a drastically different way and on a whole different time frame. Make sure you’re not losing their attention before you’ve gotten your point across.


Song of the Week: “Feels” by Calvin Harris is, uh, giving us feels.

Inspiration: “If your country hasn’t broken your heart, you haven’t loved her enough!” Sen. Cory Booker, at the Justice Action Network’s Women Unshackled event (which Precision was proud to play a small role in). Check out Vogue’s take on this one (we especially enjoyed the group selfie).

And, a salient poll courtesy of Morning Consult:

What this graph doesn’t show? Most users don’t even know where their news is coming from. According to Reuters Institute/University of Oxford, few users “could remember the name of the outlet for a particular story when coming from search or social media.”

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