Corporate purpose is about more than writing a check to a charity. We help companies define their purpose authentically, weaving it not just into their brand and messaging but into the way they do business — improving their reputation, their stakeholder and customer relationships, their bottom line, and their impact on our society and our planet.

Corporate purpose initiatives only have an impact when stakeholders believe that they’re not just PR campaigns, but deeply held values that shape the mission and strategy of the company. We have helped start, run, and grow purpose-driven organizations, helped align legacy organizations around a new sense of mission, and, ultimately, cultivated change within companies and communities. Our blend of social advocacy, corporate, and political experience, and our unique ability to quantify and measure reputation across industries, companies, and causes can help you develop and define your purpose and share it with the world.

An authentic commitment to corporate purpose requires an audit of your core programming, policies, and track record on key issues. Whether starting from scratch or refreshing an old strategy, we run a brand purpose audit. First by analyzing how purpose has been represented and benchmarking reputation against competitors. Then providing feedback and recommendations to ensure your policies and statements are aligned with your actions — and that they’re communicated effectively to customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

An assessment of existing material along with audience research and insights is step one in building your purpose narrative. We assess the message that best aligns with your stakeholders and develop a framework and core mission statement — with related messaging, CSR initiatives, and more — that’s authentic, consistent, and clear to your stakeholders.

Whether making a sustainability commitment or advocating for a social cause, we connect you with the right people in the right places. We engage leaders on the issues that matter most to your organization and develop partnerships that provide evidence that your narrative is authentic.

With our deep campaign and nonprofit experience, we have a thorough understanding of the public affairs and advocacy arena. We’re connected to inspiring leaders who have created positive change, and can provide ongoing guidance on key national and political issues — and on how you should react to, get ahead of, or take a position on them.

Measuring your reputation is the first step in shaping your corporate purpose. Our team identifies, collects, and analyzes the data that best represents your audience’s opinion about your company, product, or industry. We then assign a value to that opinion and create a system to continually track it over time. Whether using statistical topic modeling or issuing brand health studies, the measurement results continually inform our strategy in developing your corporate purpose.

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