Jared Polis for Governor

Making History in Colorado

The Polis campaign needed to turn out Coloradans in both a tough primary and a tough general election to elect Jared Polis as governor.


In 2018, Colorado Congressman Jared Polis decided to run for governor. He had a strong progressive track record, compelling personal narrative, and reputation for independence, but faced a crowded field — both in the primary and the general election — and a perilous, changing political landscape. In order to win, Polis needed to engage a growing base of primary-voting Colorado Democrats and convince hundreds of thousands of persuadable and sporadic voters to choose him in November.


A tech entrepreneur candidate requires a digitally savvy campaign. Together, we executed the most innovative gubernatorial campaign of the 2018 cycle. Using exclusively digital-first creative (no TV ads doing double duty as digital ads), we targeted voters across digital platforms — from Facebook to Hulu to Pandora — customized to Colorado’s unique political landscape and demographics, including bespoke programs for rural and Spanish speaking populations as well as rapid response and countering misinformation. We also ran an award-winning, personally targeted ballot chase program during Colorado’s vote-by-mail window, syncing ads to email and social. Messaging focused on key voter issues, like health care and education, to demonstrate how Polis would build a Colorado where every family has the opportunity to grow and thrive.


In a historic victory, Polis was elected as the nation’s first openly gay governor and Colorado’s first Jewish governor. We served over 40 million ad impressions across a range of platforms — effectively reaching persuadable, moderate, left-leaning, and sporadic-voting audiences in the lead up to Election Day. Precision continues to support Polis’ digital efforts as he delivers on his promise to constituents — passing free full-day kindergarten for every family, saving them money on health care under a new reinsurance program, and passing legislation that will help transition the state to 100% renewable energy by 2040.

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