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Wall Street Journal: Behind Obama’s Social Media Rollout: Strategy, Not Spoilers

Stephanie Cutter, co-founder of Precision Strategies and Deputy Campaign Manager for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, discusses why President Obama’s social media rollout of the State of the Union address was smart strategy. Read this piece in the Wall Street Journal The way some outlets have covered the story, you would think the president violated sacrosanct […]

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Facebook shutting down a key path Obama used to reach voters

Teddy Goff, Precision Strategies Founding Partner and Obama’s Digital Director in 2012, says “it’s a fairly significant shift.” Barack Obama’s reelection campaign pioneered a pathway for political campaigns to reach voters through Facebook when it released an app that helped supporters target their friends with Obama-related material. But as the 2016 presidential campaign approaches, Facebook is […]

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PRWeek: Five questions for Stephanie Cutter on why the GOP won big

Read the piece on PR Week Former Obama communications guru and Precision Strategies partner Stephanie Cutter explains why the Republicans won big in Tuesday’s midterm elections. In short: they made individual races a vote against President Obama instead of the candidate on the ballot. PRWeek: Was there a major message or theme that helped Republicans win big? […]

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UDaily: Goff discusses evolving role of social media in political campaigns

Teddy Goff, who directed President Barack Obama’s 2012 digital campaign, believes that while technology has radically changed the way campaigns are conducted, the average voter still wants to be listened to and respected. Read this piece on the UDaily site Teddy Goff, who directed President Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 digital campaigns, believes that while technology has […]

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One Year

Time flies when you’re having fun and building something you love. We launched Precision a year ago today with the goal of bringing the same creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking that defined President Obama’s campaigns to some of the world’s most exciting businesses and organizations. We’re proud of what our team — now more than 20 […]

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