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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

By Edward Wyatt

In Tanzania there’s a saying — pole, pole (pronounced pole-ee, pole-ee). It means slowly, slowly, and that is how you have to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a great lesson in patience and persistence. Move too quickly and you’ll likely be overcome with acute mountain sickness before reaching the 19,341-foot peak. But when traveling at a […]

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Precision Appoints Cameron Trimble As Executive Vice President

Newly-Created Position Will Build Integrated Client Strategies that Create Meaningful Engagements with Communities of Color Precision today announced Cameron Trimble has joined the agency as an Executive Vice President based in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. He will work across Precision’s communications, digital, organizing and campaign management, and paid media teams to drive an integrated […]

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Tips to Effectively Brand Your Campaign This Election Cycle

By Roselyn Igbani

Effective communication strategies and tactics are all critical to success — but first, you need to brand your campaign with an equal amount of thought and strategy. The 2022 midterm elections offer a real challenge for Democrats. Both President Trump and President Obama lost control of the House two years after they first won the […]

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Precision bolsters senior team with new hires Kristin Avery and Julia Larson

Avery is a Senior Vice President on the Campaign Management and Mobilization team and Larson is Vice President, Human Resources Director   Precision announced today that two senior leaders have joined the agency: Kristin Avery as a Senior Vice President on the Campaign Management and Mobilization team and Julia Larson as the agency’s Vice President, Human […]

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Is Your Online Presence Putting Your Brand At Risk?

4 Tips for Building and Managing your Digital Presence in 2022 Never have the stakes around corporate reputation been higher. Employees and consumers have a louder and more accessible voice than ever before, and companies are increasingly finding it difficult to disengage from the social and political battles that engulf popular discussion today. Consider Disney’s […]

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Precision Adds Brand Marketing and Strategic Communications Expert Deanna Williams to Senior Team

Precision today announced Deanna Williams has joined the agency as a senior vice president in the communications practice. Williams is a brand marketing and strategic communications leader with over two decades of experience helping Fortune 50 companies and premier global brands achieve their goals. She has a proven track record of building successful communications plans […]

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The Whole Truth: How to Identify and Combat Misinformation

By Vedika Bandhi & Ali Greenstein

Our team at Precision has been helping clients — from political campaigns to leading corporations — navigate these complex issues so they can quickly identify and proactively combat false narratives. Here are our top tips for approaching disinformation. False news stories are 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true stories are, according to […]

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Senior Strategist and Former President of EMILY’s List, Stephanie Schriock, Joins Precision as Of Counsel

Expanding its roster of industry-leading strategists, Precision announced today that Stephanie Schriock, former president of EMILY’s List, is joining the agency as Of Counsel. Schriock is widely recognized as one of America’s leading public affairs strategists, with over two decades of experience that includes running a major national organization that dramatically changed the American political […]

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5 Tips for Navigating the Creator Economy

By Yunny Seo, Sam Tuero, and Eliza Wiant

With 50 million independent content creators, an estimated market size of over $3B, and tech platforms collectively sending the message that “there’s no better time to be a creator,” the creator economy is here to stay. Back in 2007, YouTube was the first player to start rolling out features that allowed creators to monetize content […]

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5 Things Your Organization Needs to Know About the Metaverse … (from someone who’s lived there for the past year)

By Naimul Huq

“The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.”  – William Gibson, author. Suddenly, the Metaverse is everywhere: From Facebook’s rebranding of its parent company as Meta to the recent Congressional hearing on the future of digital assets, the idea of the metaverse has grown – though few seem to be able […]

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