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Rethinking the News

A modern narrative. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a British organization, presented a new set of ad rules after acknowledging that stricter guidelines are, in fact, needed to protect children from oppressive gender norms. The audit and eventual report explored gender stereotyping across several buckets including “body image, objectification, sexualisation and gender characteristics and roles.” Food for thought: Some […]

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Pod Save The Ad-Spend

This June, Apple quietly announced a big change coming to podcasting: A new version of their podcasting app, which owns half of the podcast player market share, will provide basic analytics to publishers and finally enable them to see when and for how long individual episodes are listened to. For a seemingly small technical change, access to this […]

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Precision’s Benjy Messner Named One of Campaigns & Elections’ 2017 Rising Stars

Campaigns & Elections just announced its 2017 Rising Stars—some of the most notable up-and-comers in the campaign world. The journal has honored a handful of campaign professionals each year since 1988, when the inaugural class of Rising Stars included the likes of David Axelrod and James Carville. One of this year’s honorees: Precision’s own Benjy Messner, who serves as […]

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The Future of the Internet and Politics

Yesterday, Precision founding partner Teddy Goff joined Emily Ekins from the CATO Institute and Molly Wood from Marketplace at Collision in New Orleans to discuss whether the internet is a destabilizing force in our politics. “The internet is giving ordinary people the chance to speak up and be heard,” Teddy said. But just as the […]

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In Conversation: Tom Zigo

We sat down with our newest member of the New York office, senior associate, Tom Zigo, to talk about list-making, Seamless ordering, and how to sharpen your writing skills. Q: How did you wind up at Precision? TZ: I joined Precision in the summer of 2016 after working at a PR agency in New York City. The […]

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Millennials Are Watching, Just Maybe Not What You’d Expect

There’s no shortage of studies telling brands and communications professionals ‘what millennials are like,’ and how to reach us with their content. We’re skeptical of advertising, with only 1 percent of us saying a compelling campaign would make us more trusting of a brand. Instead, we look to social media, viewing it as a more authentic take […]

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The Award For Crisis Management Goes To…

We caught up with Precision’s Director of Communications Caitlin Legacki to discuss how PricewaterhouseCoopers can change the narrative around their involvement in the incorrect Best Picture Academy Award announcement this past weekend. Q: What’s your view on the situation that happened last night at the Academy Awards with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the confusion around the announcement of the Best Picture […]

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In Conversation: Archnashree Nellan

Q: How did you land at Precision? Arch: I applied to Precision for an internship after I finished university at NYU. I had heard about Precision because my sister was working on the Wendy Davis campaign, and through people there, they had talked about Precision and how great it was, so I applied. I found out […]

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In Conversation: Maria Rosa

Q: How did you land at Precision? MR: I was working at NYU School of Medicine and I was in the second year of my Masters program. I was making a career switch into digital marketing, so I was in school for that and I started looking for jobs when I found the Precision posting on […]

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Campaigns & Elections: Lessons for 2016 from North of the Border

Precision Co-Founder Jen O’Malley Dillon on the key takeaways from the Liberal victory in Canada for the U.S. presidential race. Lessons For 2016 From North Of The Border Jen O’Malley Dillon At the start of Canada’s federal election campaign in August, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) was in third place behind the ruling Conservatives […]

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