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Precision Hires Tom Reno As COO

Precision announced today that it has hired Tom Reno as its Chief Operating Officer. Reno, the former Chief Operating Officer of Burson, Cohn and Wolfe, will help manage Precision’s operations and maximize its growth as the company continues its unmatched work for Fortune 500 corporations, startups, organizations, campaigns, and causes. Precision is an integrated strategy […]

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Doing it for the ‘gram

As you scroll through your Instagram feed, have you starting seeing more posts like this? Or what about this? And I’m 100% sure you’ve seen some approximation of this. Thanks to social media — and particularly Instagram — corporate brands, retailers, museums, and event planners have completely changed the way they do business. Where there […]

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Let’s Get Personal

We’ve all seen the posts: an artfully constructed shot of avocado toast over a tiled floor, a perfectly manicured hand holding a matcha latte in front of a colored wall, that one Icelandic waterfall. Anyone whose Internet use has spanned the past decade has witnessed a shift away from the candid, spontaneous content that characterized […]

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Back to Chat

Does the internet feel more professional nowadays? One-off blogs have given way to Medium, brands have become extremely digital-savvy, and regular people are feeling increased pressure to scrub social media profiles of objectionable content. It’s no surprise, then, that web users are craving more informal, less public spaces where they can be authentic with one […]

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Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Businesses and brands often aim to stay neutral on major issues out of fear of alienating some of their customers. More and more, though, we’re seeing companies stepping up and being vocal on certain issues — and in a number of instances, actually putting their money where their mouth is. Take Patagonia, for instance, which […]

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We’re Changing Our Name to Brecision

An IHOP by any other name would smell as sweet. Or, in this case, savory. On June 5th, IHOP (rip) announced on Twitter that they would be unveiling a new name, “IHOb,” the following Monday. What followed was an internet guessing game—and many curious fans, including the Precision team, spent the intervening days hypothesizing what […]

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Five Years of Precision

Our country was a different place in 2013. Only one Avengers movie had been released, short-form video app Vine had just launched that January and the second Obama administration was just beginning. In the intervening years — obviously — a lot has changed. Vine is no more, but video content is bigger than ever, approximately 900 more Avengers movies […]

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For Brands, It’s Important To Know When To Speak…and When To Hold Off

An important lesson for any brand: It’s not always about you. There are holidays and moments that might be very relevant for your business’s brand, and you should speak up and capitalize on that moment. But make sure it resonates, even when it’s light-hearted. Take April Fools’ Day, for instance. Brands from Lego to Netflix contributed some […]

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