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The Changing Faces of Social Media

With an ever-changing landscape, platforms like Facebook and Snapchat are iterating in real time, looking for ways to improve their products, maintain (or rebuild) trust with their users, and make necessary changes and corrections to stay relevant in a crazily competitive environment. The changes they make means organizations need to change how they get the […]

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How to Plug a Leak

Not a day goes by without hearing about leaked news. Whether you’re at a company or at the highest levels of government, like the White House, knowing how to contain the leaks is paramount.  But what’s more important is understanding why people are leaking in the first place. Though it is almost impossible to exact message discipline, […]

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Introducing Arrow

Precision has some exciting news. We’re launching a new tool that will transform how companies, organizations, and campaigns use data. It’s called Arrow. It’s a sophisticated, data-rich engine based on a simple formula: translating data into insights into impact. Take a look at Arrow in action with our video intro, and read more about its […]

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In Conversation: Caitlin Legacki

Q: How did you land at Precision? CL: My senior year of college, John Edwards had headquartered his presidential campaign in Chapel Hill, home of the Tar Heels. I had interned for some other campaigns before and knew a lot of the Edwards staff, so I was the first John Edwards for President intern in 2008, […]

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Let the Light Shine In

Online advertising is more influential than ever, affecting everything from what we buy to what we read to whom we vote for. It’s become harder and harder to determine who is behind the advertising you’re seeing.  But Facebook may have just started to change all that. Platforms are starting to look at ways to give […]

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Video’s Evolution: The Big Picture

Television and video are changing. The Emmy Awards are still called “TV’s biggest night,” but it’s more likely that you watched this year’s big winners streaming on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone than on traditional broadcast TV. Streaming-only services like Netflix and Hulu continue to make inroads in every major category, while HBO remains a […]

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Turning Your Moment Into A Movement

Segmented audiences, the 24 hour news cycle–it’s hard to get the attention of the public or the particular audience you’re seeking out.  There are fewer and fewer times when we’re all focused around the same moment.  Instead, we’re siloed, and spend a huge amount of our lives looking down at our phones. There are many […]

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Don’t Be Robotic

Imagine having an instant conversation with thousands of customers at a time. Imagine a 90 percent open rate on your messages and 60 percent click through rates. Well, for some, that isn’t in their imagination — it’s happening now on Facebook Messenger. Over the years, we’ve seen new communications methods crop up, but few have […]

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It’s Good To Talk

Thanks to the eclipse this week, we saw a brief pause to an otherwise tumultuous political year. The fact of the matter is that on a daily basis, corporations, institutions, and leaders are facing decisions on how to navigate complex and divisive situations in ways we have never seen. Many organizations are being forced to […]

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Rethinking the News

A modern narrative. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a British organization, presented a new set of ad rules after acknowledging that stricter guidelines are, in fact, needed to protect children from oppressive gender norms. The audit and eventual report explored gender stereotyping across several buckets including “body image, objectification, sexualisation and gender characteristics and roles.” Food for thought: Some […]

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