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Precision Recognized for Work in Helping to Secure Historic Election Victory for Liberal Party of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Precision wins 2016 Pollie Award and 2016 Goldie Award for innovative use of data, and building sophisticated field operation in Canada’s 2015 elections.

Precision Strategies today announced it has been awarded several honors for its work in helping to clinch an historic election victory for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Precision developed a targeted data and analytics strategy to help drive historically high voter turnout for Trudeau during Canada’s 2015 national elections, and is being recognized for that work as a recipient of the 2016 Pollie Award (awarded by the American Association of Political Consultants) as well as the 2016 Goldie Award (awarded by Peer Choice Awards).

Partner and co-founder Jen O’Malley Dillon led Precision’s work for LPC, designing and orchestrating an energized campaign effort that leveraged the same tools and strategy that yielded extraordinary success during President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

Having served as deputy campaign manager of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign – and architect of its data and field strategy and operation – O’Malley Dillon brought a battle-tested approach to bear on behalf of the LPC in Canada, crafting a sophisticated, data-driven field operation to build capacity, engage volunteers, and to drive voters to the polls on Election Day.

“By winning Canada’s parliamentary elections, the Liberals did more than buck conventional wisdom and post their best showing in 40 years,” O’Malley Dillon wrote in a column for Campaigns & Elections in the days following the election. “They also demonstrated the power of a data-driven, grassroots campaign and a consistent, optimistic message of economic growth.”

O’Malley Dillon’s work with the LPC was supported by an experienced and seasoned team of strategists at Precision including Matthew McGregor, Director of Digital at Precision, Benjy Messner, Principal for Data at Precision, and Ruiyong Chen, Senior Associate for Paid Advertising at Precision.

The elections made global headlines when Trudeau and the LPC made a stunning comeback in the final weeks of the campaign, catapulting from third to first in national polls, as Election Day neared.

“Trudeau’s victory marks one of the biggest political rebounds in Canadian history,” Bloomberg News reported. “The Liberals become the first third-place party to win an election, and the party’s seat gain may be the biggest ever. The Liberals, who governed for about two-thirds of the 100 years before Harper came to power, won just 34 districts in the 2011 election, the worst result in their history.”

“The lead American consultant for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, the upset winner in federal elections last night, was Precision Strategies,” reported Politico Playbook the day after the election. “Since 2013, Precision has helped the LPC and Team Trudeau map the path to victory in specific ridings (precincts) across the country – data work, paid digital ads, field, strategy.”

Precision is proud to be honored with the 2016 Pollie Award and the 2016 Goldie Award for its work with the LPC and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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